Premium Select on Equipment Trader: The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Every day, consumers browse thousands of listings on the Equipment Trader marketplace. With so many options available, you need to have high impact advertising to stay competitive in the marketplace.  You can ensure that you’re in the best position to grow your market share with Premium Select, the most powerful ad enhancement on our marketplace.  To help you understand how this product can give you the ultimate advantage over your competitors, we’re covering the benefits of advertising with Premium Select.

1. Drive More Engagement to Your Listings

Premium Select ads are proven to not only perform well over standard listings, but they also considerably outperform traditional Premium Ads.  Premium Ads can be an effective tool for engagement; however, Premium Select Ads provide significantly more impact by elevating selected units to the very top of the Search Results Page, above all other standard listings and traditional Premium Ads. In fact, dealers who leverage Premium Select receive 20x more vehicle detail page views than standard ads, and 3x more vehicle detail page views than regular Premium Ads.

2. Get Maximum Visibility on The Marketplace

The Equipment Trader marketplace received over 1.1 million average monthly visitors in 2022, and placing your units at the top of their search guarantees the most eyes on your units, rather than your competitors. Let’s say you are advertising a used Case tractor with Premium Select, and a neighboring dealer is advertising the same unit as a standard or Premium listing. If a consumer enters the market looking for this particular unit, your Premium Select listing will be the first to display as a result. This is an advantage you can only get with Premium Select. Our results additionally revealed that Premium Select listings receive 2x more search results impressions than traditional Premium Ads. These results skyrocket even more when compared to standard ads, generating 25x more the amount of search results impressions.

 3. Capture A More Elevated Market Share

Today’s consumers appreciate a convenient shopping experience. With Premium Select, you can offer buyers a quick and easy way for them to start their journey through your funnel. By capturing shoppers who are looking for your specific units, you are attracting higher quality leads. Premium Select allows you to capture those buyers as soon as they enter a search for a unit. If no other dealer has listed a unit with a Premium Select ad, your dealership will capture that top position more often. 

Leveraging Premium Select will allow you to put your dealership in the best position to succeed, whether you’re looking for the fastest way to move specific pieces of inventory, or you’re just looking for the best way to ensure your ads show up above your competition. Ready to start elevating your units with Premium Select? Learn more here.

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