3 Takeaways from Equipment Trader’s Premium Select Case Study

If you’re not familiar with Equipment Trader’s latest offering, Premium Select, we’ve got you covered. We have reached out to dealers of all sizes and locations who have successfully incorporated this product into their business, and we have compiled their inspiring success stories into comprehensive case studies. In fact, we had the privilege of speaking with Dan Moss, the owner of BST Trading Company, and he generously shared his personal experience and three key takeaways. Learn more about BST and how Premium Select has played a crucial role in their success.

Premium Select Case Study Background

BST Trading Company, situated in Royersford, PA, operates in a fiercely competitive market dominated by larger dealerships. As newcomers, BST has had the challenge of establishing their presence and making their units more visible. After speaking with Equipment Trader, Dan found that Premium Select is the ideal solution to distinguish themselves from the competition and gain a competitive advantage by prominently featuring selected units at the top of the search results page. Here’s what they learned:

3 Key Takeaways

  1.   Ideal Tool for Equipment Dealers of All Sizes and Backgrounds

BST knew they had to stand out from their more established competition in order to be successful, so they decided to leverage Premium Select ads to increase their brand visibility and inventory exposure. This strategy was hugely successful, as it resulted in their units receiving 2x more search results impressions than those without Premium Select enabled. This allowed them to reach potential buyers who may not have been able to find their dealership without this targeted advertising method.

  1.   Acting Quickly Can Help You Achieve Success

Dan was initially hesitant to invest in a new product, but BST Trading Company’s eagerness to grow their advertising quickly changed his mind. He soon realized that Premium Select was a smart choice, with its efficient and proven results. Taking a chance, Dan invested in the Premium Select ads, and started generating 2x as many connections as non-Premium Select ads, without having to put any extra effort into branding. His decision ended up paying off, and he was able to establish a great reputation.

  1.   Create a Targeted Strategy to Maximize the Benefits of Premium Select Ads

Premium Select has been an invaluable tool for dealers, providing them with more visibility and control over their listings. Taking full advantage of all its features can be even more beneficial, as was the case with Dan. He was able to assign and reassign the Premium Select status to units of his choosing strategically, ensuring their Premium Select units are generating the most exposure and leads possible. 

Through quick searches and comparisons, Dan was able to recognize when certain units were not being showcased to their full potential and allocated the Premium Select feature to them, earning 2.4X More Vehicle Details Page Views than non-Premium Select ads. To ensure this strategy is right for his dealership, Dan utilizes the reporting available in TraderTraxx to monitor the volume of inquiries for his Premium Select units.

BST Trading Company’s success with Premium Select is just one example of the positive results dealerships can experience when they use the product. The impact of Premium Select on BST Trading Company’s business has been significant. They have seen a rise in leads for their units that are Premium Select, more customers engaging with them, and a greater overall presence in the market. We’re also seeing similar results at other dealerships. 

Want to read the full case study? Check it out here.

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