Business Intelligence

Partnering with Equipment Trader unlocks a suite of industry-leading reporting, research, and retention tools that help you make informed business decisions, and ultimately empower you to hit your business goals. These tools are easy to use, and are exclusive to Equipment Trader dealers!

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TraderTraxx is an innovative platform for managing your inventory, leads, reporting, website content, dealer profile, and user settings. At no extra cost, these insights and management tools are included in every dealer membership!  No matter the size of your dealership, or the program in which you are enrolled, TraderTraxx serves as the central hub for all of your marketing efforts.


Add and edit inventory while on-the-go, plus receive real-time notifications of new leads with the all-new TraderTraxx app.

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Keep Track of Buyer Interactions

When you partner with Equipment Trader, gone are the days of managing customer interactions via stacks of paper, chicken-scratch sticky notes, or clunky spreadsheets. Instead, you can trust Lead Manager to store your buyer interactions, including their contact information, transcripts, and notes from past conversations. Lead Manager is built directly into TraderTraxx for convenient access.

Get More Insight Into Your Buyer

How much time do your reps spend trying to understand the needs of a customer before being able to make an educated recommendation? Lead Enrichment from Equipment Trader gives you access to the “pre-lead” shopping behavior of buyers who have submitted a lead on one of your units, such as their preferred price range, listings viewed, time-in-market, and more. Of course, all of this information is delivered to your inbox and is stored alongside the lead in TraderTraxx.

Keep a Pulse On Your Market

In order to stay ahead of your competition, you have to constantly be aware of the trends in demand in your market. Our Market Insights Tools, built right into TraderTraxx, allow you to quickly survey the most popular units in your market, based on pageviews, connections, and overall activity. You can also slice this report by unit type, condition, and more.