Product Spotlight: Getting the Most Out of Equipment Trader’s Hot Deals Emails

Today, heavy equipment dealerships need to stand out from the competition and reach the right audience in order to be successful. That’s why Equipment Trader has developed Hot Deals, a direct email initiative designed to connect dealerships with engaged and active equipment consumers in their targeted region. Hot Deals provides the perfect opportunity to take your dealership to the next level and build brand recognition while driving extra traffic.

How Hot Deals Works

With Hot Deals, Equipment Trader curates a collection of ready-to-sell units from dealers advertising on our marketplace and delivers them directly to consumers who are actively searching for their next equipment purchase. Dealers can choose specific units to feature in the email to ensure potential customers receive enticing “hot deals” right in their inbox each month. By adding Hot Deals to your standard package, you gain additional exposure that can be tailored to meet your dealership’s unique needs, creating a campaign that truly aligns with your sales goals.

Ample Brand Awareness

Hot Deals promotes ample brand awareness for dealerships. Each email prominently features the logo, contact information, and address of the dealership, making it easy for buyers to get in touch. Moreover, units are showcased in a visually appealing manner, allowing buyers to easily explore the selection. To maximize visibility, dealers can even include a custom-designed banner ad in the email, which links directly to your website, giving customers the opportunity to learn more about the dealership and browse the full inventory. As an added bonus, every Hot Deals email includes a link to the dealer’s gallery on Equipment Trader, driving even more traffic to the inventory.

More Targeted Exposure

Tailoring Hot Deals to resonate with the targeted audience is key to achieving the desired results. Dealerships have the flexibility to showcase discounted rates or add custom tags that grab attention. Additionally, they can choose to send Hot Deals emails to specific regions near them or nationwide, ensuring that the message reaches the right people.

Boosted Listing Performance

Hot Deals emails have been proven to significantly enhance inventory performance for dealers who strategically utilize them. On average, these email campaigns reach an impressive 28,000 subscribed equipment shoppers, resulting in an average of 245 clicks per dealer. This indicates that potential buyers not only view the items but actively engage with them as well.

In the highly competitive equipment sales industry, having an edge is essential. Hot Deals provides Equipment Trader dealers with a powerful solution to showcase their inventory to eager buyers. To access more tools and resources, be sure to explore Equipment Trader’s buyer engagement solutions at

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