The Top 10 Searched Equipment Categories of 2023

When it comes to heavy machinery sales, it’s crucial to stay on top of the latest trends and plan for next year’s demand. This year, we witnessed tremendous popularity across various categories, creating an excellent opportunity to dig into the units that most deserve your advertising efforts. To provide you with invaluable insights, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 equipment categories for 2023, ranked based on consumer search volumes.

1. Tractors

Tractors emerged as the most sought-after category among all others, driving significant exposure to dealers. With its appeal to those working in the agricultural and construction sectors, this category garnered over 72M search results page impressions and 730K vehicle detail page views.

2. Skid Steers

Skid steers were a commodity in 2023, with their maneuverability and compact size making them highly sought after. Our marketplace saw a total of 58M search results page impressions and 690K vehicle detail page views on Equipment Trader this year. When engaging with the market, it is vital to ensure that your advertising highlights the qualities of skid steers that make them stand out among other landscaping and construction equipment. 

3. Excavators

Excavators proved to be one of the most in-demand categories on Equipment Trader in the past year, generating 53M search results page impressions and 533K vehicle detail page views. To capitalize on the popularity of these heavy hitters, emphasize their effectiveness in making digging, grading, and other earthmoving tasks easier.

4. Dump Trailers

The cross-industry appeal of dump trailers made them a standout category in 2023. Dealers can leverage this widespread interest by emphasizing the efficiency of transporting materials and debris. With 46M search results page impressions and 370K vehicle detail page views, it’s evident that consumers are actively searching for reliable hauling solutions.

5. Dump Trucks

Dealers promoting dump truck units in 2023 yielded impressive results with 32M results page impressions and 722K vehicle detail page views. Like dump trailers, the versatility and functionality of dump trucks make them highly attractive to prospective buyers in a variety of commercial projects. 

6. Equipment Trailers

The trailers showcased on Equipment Trader have captured a significant amount of attention, with 26M search results page impressions and 253K views on the vehicle detail pages. These numbers highlight the crucial role trailers play in the equipment industry. This presents a golden opportunity to emphasize the durability, capacity, and convenience of your equipment trailers to capture buyers who work between job sites. 

7. Utility Trailers

Consumer interest in utility trailers for both personal and commercial use was strong this year, as evidenced by the 24M search results page impressions. These versatile and multipurpose hauling solutions are necessary for a variety of applications, making them a popular choice among buyers.

8. Forklifts

Forklifts are in great demand among buyers, receiving over 20M search results impressions and 213K vehicle detail page views in the past year. This reflects the persistent demand for forklifts, driven by businesses seeking efficient logistics solutions. By catering to the needs of businesses looking to enhance their logistics operations, dealers can capture the attention of potential buyers and position forklifts as essential assets in material handling and warehouse operations.

9. End Dump Trailers

Buyers in search of specialized hauling equipment found end dump trucks to be the superior choice, garnering 17M search results page impressions. End dump trucks did not additionally rank in the top 10 for vehicle detailed page views, but there is potential to increase engagement by highlighting the advantages of these trailers. Dealers should take advantage of this consistent interest by showcasing the unique qualities of your end dump trailers.

  1. Compact Tractors

Compact tractors rounded off our top 10 searched categories list, showcasing the interest in smaller yet powerful tractors for various applications. with 17M results page impressions and 211K vehicle detail page views. Their versatility and maneuverability make compact tractors a preferred choice in agriculture and landscaping.

As a dealer, it is crucial to stay updated on the current trends and demands to determine the right inventory to stock and adopt effective marketing strategies. Ensuring that you have the most sought-after units available and highlighting features that assist industry professionals with their jobs is vital for future success.

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