4 Tips to Increase Heavy Machinery Sales During the Off-Season

The heavy machinery industry witnesses fluctuations in demand during the winter months, but there’s no reason for discouragement. Potential buyers are actively engaged in research during this period, creating a valuable opportunity to connect with them and turn their interest into sales. To make the most of the off-season, Equipment Trader is sharing four essential tips to engage your customers and elevate your heavy machinery sales.

1. Evaluate Your Current Strategy

In the off-season, it’s crucial to assess your Return on Investment (ROI) from the previous year. Take advantage of tools like Equipment Trader’s Lead Manager and Lead Enrichment to access critical data for informed decision-making and the refinement of your sales strategy. Also, review the research and data collected throughout the year to identify patterns that can inform your inventory selection and promotional efforts. By understanding demand trends, you can maximize profit margins and target customers actively seeking the equipment you have available, capitalizing on current market trends.


2. Establish Multiple Digital Touchpoints

Harness all available digital channels to ensure customers can easily find your dealership. Remember, buyers may encounter as many as 24 different touch points during this period. Maintaining a robust online presence ensures your dealership stays top-of-mind during their research, increasing the chances they’ll remember your dealership when it’s time to make a purchase.

3. Experiment with New Advertising Strategies

With an average of 1.1 million monthly visitors to our marketplace, now is the ideal time to enhance your visibility. Utilizing Premium Select Ads, which appear at the top of organic search results, is an effective way to increase exposure for your inventory. You can further capture their attention by retargeting them with ads featuring units they previously browsed. Additionally, leverage social media to increase visibility and tap into customer reviews. Experiment with various social media advertisements to determine which content resonates with shoppers, keeping them engaged throughout the off-season while fine-tuning your strategy for the upcoming selling season.

4. Be Responsive to Incoming Leads

A well-defined follow-up plan is critical for the successful implementation of your off-season strategy. Continuously monitor your communication channels to stay connected with your customers and cater to their needs.  A 2023 survey of Equipment Trader’s site visitors revealed that email is the most preferred communication channel among consumers, followed by phone calls and text .  Being responsive and providing the same level of customer service as you would in your dealership, including asking questions to understand their needs, is imperative.

Remember that maintaining an active market presence and staying competitive, especially during industry downturns, is vital. Implementing these strategies ensures your dealership can navigate any challenges and remain successful. Being proactive and prepared for upcoming changes or difficulties gives you an edge over competitors and positions your dealership for success as the year unfolds.

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