Why Enhanced Ads are Worth Investing in on Equipment Trader

Enhanced ads, which includes Featured and Premium Ads, are one of the most effective tools to drive powerful results for dealers. By investing in enhanced ads for your listings on Equipment Trader, you are positioning your dealership to drive more exposure to your inventory. To give you more insight on the value of enhanced Ads, Equipment Trader is sharing the key benefits of enhanced ads, plus data around the results they deliver. Here’s why enhanced ads are worth the investment:

Gain More Exposure For Your Dealership

Enhanced ads on Equipment Trader are designed to boost listing exposure. Premium Ads do this by elevating your units to the top of the organic search results pageFeatured Ads place inventory prominently  in a carousel at the top of the page. These enhancements offer unique strategies for attracting the attention of consumers.

Premium Ads allow dealers to position their listing above all standard units in the search results page. Shoppers can still browse all units on the marketplace that match their search parameters; however, relevant listings with premium status will appear above all non-premium listings and receive 14.5x more search results impressions than standard ads

With Featured Ads, you have the opportunity to drive more exposure to your inventory, earning 3.9x more search results impressions than standard ads. Featured Ads are different from Premium and Standard Ads because they do not appear within the search results. Instead, Featured Ads appear above the search results in a horizontally scrolling carousel, as well as on the homepage of the Equipment Trader marketplace.

Expanded Brand Awareness

Not only do enhanced ads drive more exposure to your units, they also bring more brand awareness to your dealership. You can optimize your Premium or Featured Ads by enhancing specific units. This will help you reach new buyers and establish your business as a highly recognizable dealership on the marketplace.

To fully optimize your enhanced ads and get the most out of your investment, Equipment Trader offers the Enhancement Auto Selector. This feature, which can be accessed in our sales platform, TraderTraxx, will automatically assign any unused enhancements you have to your units that are the most in-demand on our marketplace.

By putting your most in-demand units front and center, you capture more leads than you would with standard ads.  The number of leads for a unit with a Featured Ad is  2.4x more than the amount generated by standard ads while Premium Ads generates 4.5x more leads than standard ads. Enhanced ads show consumers exactly what they are looking for, while ensuring your inventory stays top of mind. 

Stand Out Among Competitors

When a consumer is searching the marketplace for a specific unit, you want to make sure that they come across your unit early in their search. Enhanced ads can help to ensure that your unit stands out over similar units on the marketplace, giving you a competitive leg up. 

Additionally, Premium Ads can showcase multiple thumbnail photos within the listing card, allowing users to cycle through a few images before clicking to view more about the unit. This provides a more interactive experience for consumers, and it is a unique function that isn’t available on standard ads. 

The level of visibility that dealers gain with enhanced ads has proven to significantly boost performance. In fact, Premium Ads receive 3.4 more vehicle detail page views than standard ads, while Featured Ads receive 3.4X more vehicle detail page views than standard ads. This indicates that enhanced ads are much more engaging to consumers, which will help your dealership stand out among competitors. 

Once you start to  harness the power of these elevated ads, you can utilize the Enhanced Ads Report in TraderTraxx to measure  the performance of your enhanced ads compared to your standard ads.  This high-level report is the best way to gain insight on the effectiveness of your investment in Premium or Featured Ads. 

Promoting your inventory with enhanced ads will help you make an effective first impression on the millions of shoppers who visit the Equipment Trader marketplace to find their next motorcycle. To learn how you can capture this audience using enhanced ads, check out our dealer solutions for lead generation.  

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