Events to Mark in Your Equipment Dealership’s Calendar for 2024

Discover the countless advantages of attending industry trade shows and conferences. These events not only provide a perfect platform to boost your dealership’s visibility but also present a golden opportunity to connect with like-minded businesses and potential buyers. Stay ahead of the game by exploring the latest innovations and gaining valuable insights into the competitive landscape. Rest assured, Equipment Trader has curated a list of the most remarkable industry events that you absolutely cannot afford to miss this year. Keep reading to find out about an upcoming show near you!

Why Attending Events is Crucial for Dealers

Explore the benefits of participating in trade shows and events before we dive into which ones to check out. In today’s fast-paced and fiercely competitive market, attending these gatherings is not just a choice, but an absolute necessity for dealers who want to thrive. These events provide a fantastic opportunity for dealers to connect with industry experts, gain priceless insights, and stay ahead of the ever-evolving industry. Once you establish a goal and strategy for these events, you will be able to maximize your success.

5 Key Industry Events In 2024
World of Concrete
January 22-25, Las Vegas, NV

World of Concrete is an annual extravaganza that stands as one of the largest events in the commercial construction industry. This year’s milestone marks the 50th edition of the event, promising an abundance of enriching education programs,  indoor and outdoor exhibits, and much more. While there are numerous programs and activities tailored to consumers, you’ll have the incredible opportunity to witness the latest innovations from OEMs, gain valuable insights into your buyers’ challenges and preferences, and even forge connections with potential buyers to expand your dealership network.

ARA Convention and Trade Show 
February 18 – 21, New Orleans, LA

The annual convention and trade show for the equipment rental industry, hosted by the American Rental Association, is an essential event for dealership owners and those interested in gaining insights into the market’s dynamics. Offering more than just equipment showcases, this gathering provides a range of compelling education sessions that explore the impact of internet trends on consumer behavior, effective leadership strategies, competitive employee retention approaches, and much more.

World of Asphalt
March 25-27, Nashville, TN

This event presents a valuable opportunity for professionals and consumers in the equipment industry to come together. With an impressive lineup of over 120 education sessions, attendees can look forward to listening to a diverse range of speakers covering various industry topics. Discover the latest tech trends that are capturing consumers’ attention and engage in direct conversations with buyers about their business operations. You’ll have the chance to showcase how you can be a valuable resource for their business.

Equip Expo
October 15-18, in Louisville, KY

Equip Exposition is an annual event that focuses on the growth and development of manufacturers’ and dealers’ businesses. This event provides a valuable platform for exchanging innovative ideas and sales strategies among dealers, vendors, and manufacturers. The keynote sessions  are set to highlight effective marketing techniques, expanding your customer base, and implementing strategies to boost your profits. Additionally, you can take advantage of numerous networking opportunities, including an exclusive reception dedicated to celebrating and empowering women in leadership roles.

CAT UEM Conference
November 5-7, Indianapolis, IN

If you are a dealer specializing in selling CAT units, this exclusive event is tailor-made for you. Immerse yourself in a multitude of enriching educational and networking activities that promise to enhance your industry knowledge and connections. You’ll also get the opportunity to gain the latest updates and business insights directly from CAT. Attending could be an exciting way to conclude 2024 as you prepare for the next selling year.

In order to effectively promote your dealership and cultivate customer loyalty, it is imperative to explore various avenues, such as industry events, to generate innovative ideas. Keep a vigilant eye out for upcoming local events and seize every opportunity that comes your way. Meanwhile, enhance your event experience by visiting our insightful blog, where we offer valuable tips on how to maximize your time at trade shows and events.


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