Rentals are a big part of what we do at Equipment Trader, and there are some big reasons why.

The equipment rental industry is in the middle of a boom that projects to continue into the next several years. The obvious benefits to consumers, including affordability and flexibility, are increasingly expanding the market segment. At Equipment Trader, we recognize this as a fantastic opportunity for dealers.

From boosting profits to increasing market penetration, there are undeniable benefits to equipment dealers who seek to begin or expand the rental side of their business. As the market grows, it will be essential for your dealership to adopt effective best practices for serving renters, which grows your reputation for quality rental service and boosts retention, referrals, and profits.

Listing your for-rent inventory on — the leading online marketplace for equipment — is a significant step toward getting your equipment in front of interested renters in a dynamic, accelerating market segment. Contact us to learn more.

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