Extended Advertising

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Reinforce Your Reach with Retargeting

Retargeting helps you extend your current reach to our active equipment buyers!

Position your targeted ads to a defined audience, that had previously visited our website, while they browse elsewhere on the web.

How it works
Buyer visits Equipment Trader
Buyer searches units based on year, model, make, etc.
Buyer leaves site without connecting
Buyer sees your ad on another site
Buyer clicks on your ad leading them back to your inventory on Equipment Trader

Display Advertising is advertising on websites through avenues such as banners, remarketing, or other visual formats. The purpose of display advertising is to deliver a branding message for site visitors. Display ads can be banners that appear on specific sections of a website and are aimed to generate a fast conversion. Display ads can also help to remarket. Remarketing allows us to deliver ads that directly target people who have visited our website. This allows you to reconnect with potential and current customers as they browse the internet elsewhere.


Build awareness through brand recognition.

Target specific consumers based on geographic location and categories.

Buyers are drawn to click on the advertisement leading them back to your inventory on Equipment Trader.

Aim to make a lasting impression with Equipment Trader!